Monday, November 9, 2009

Seriously Chapter 53: Manly Stuff From the `Natti

This Is What Happens When Real Men Coach Football Teams

Going into Friday night's ESPN shootout against West Virginia, Coach Brian Kelly of the 5th ranked University of Cincinnati Bearcats has, once again, shown Founding Father-level, envious, John Wayne-ish character in choosing to start Senior quarterback Tony Pike, back from injury, over Sophomore Zach Callaros, a kid who's literally taking college football by storm. See the story linked below from my good friend Brian Bennett over at


  1. what a problem to have--two worthy quarterbacks and half a dozen receiving threats. What bowl will we end up in, that's the only question left. Mountaineers, get out of the way.

  2. It's very important that the `Ears settle the f-down this Friday night on Espn360. And you don't want to root against a team (it'll ruin the karma for your squad) but TCU has simply got to help out. If Brian Kelly's `Cats make it to the Sugar Bowl against Alabama, while it would akin to man walking on the moon, my Tide mother would be torn in two. Cincinnati has the most interesting and compelling team in college football. I say that without any bias whatsoever.