Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seriously Chapter 37: Good for Kurt Rambis & Good For The Game

Seriously just got off the phone with former Laker great, Kurt Rambis, who just signed on to take over for Kevin McHale as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. I've known Kurt for over 20 years and you will not find a more humble, hard working man in the game of basketball. Thrilled that he's getting his dream shot, Kurt is also excited at the thought that he might be able to turn the Minnesota Timberwolves around and thereby step on the throat of his old nemesis, the knock-kneed box of elbows that is the bastard, McHale. May he go away and forever give clinics at St. Mary's.
Talking with Kurt, as unpretentious as the day is long, brought back some fine Laker memories of old. Championship memories of Magic and Showtime. The games court side, halftime inside the Forum Club where if you're in, you're in and Dr. Buss's office where there was always some kind of major bull session. We laughed about how the fans in the parking lot used to swarm off the other Lakers and onto him and how we used to make fun of the way he dressed. (Kurt always had the lousiest wardrobe back then) He particularly laughed recalling the memory of Laker fans, men and women, coming up to him wearing Rambis glasses and wanting to have serious conversations. The Minnesota Timberwolves will not only be getting an experienced tactician (let's not forget his solid winning record as Lakers' interim coach) but he'll also be doing in Minnesota what we in the sports business call "rolling in with some hard jewelry." Kudos to Kurt. He's one of the more goofy living legends in the history of Quake Town but he's a living legend nonetheless.

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