Friday, August 7, 2009

Seriously Chapter 36: After the Love Has Gone

Quicky Runs

- The Dodgers keep figuring out impossible ways to win games and it's about time for Manny to come out of his slump. Look for them to stretch it out. Jason Schmidt continues to inspire confidence in the starting rotation going down the stretch as the team's solid number 11 guy.

- The Giants will have their hands full this weekend as they host white-hot Cincinnati Reds who won a game this week, we heard it was Wednesday. Candlestick will be rocking with swirling gusts of wind and hot dog wrappers everywhere.

- The Angels, MLB's most anonymous great baseball team, have commenced with their annual pummeling of everyone in the regular season. Staying put at the non-waiver deadline has only made them stronger.

- Jason Giambi getting waived by the A's today brings an end to the career of one of the great guy-who-looks-like-he-farts-when-he-swings players. Seriously knows Jason quite well (he still can't believe Jeter made that play) and everyone at Sports seriously wishes him only the best in the future.

- Kudos go out to Dodger Stadium employee, William Gomez, who was guarding the Dodgers' locker room last night, post-game. He kept Milwaukee's 40O-pound slob, Prince Fielder, from bursting in and falling on top of Dodgers' reliever, Guillermo Mota. Mota had beaned the squatty brown hog earlier in the game.

- The Orlando Magic's Rashard Lewis tested positive for an elevated testosterone level and has been suspended by the NBA for 10 games beginning next season. He apologized to reporters and fans for taking an over-the-counter supplement without knowledge of the ingredients. I find it entirely understandable when athlete's make this claim of not knowing. Why would an athlete monitor what he puts in his body? Not to toot my own career but back in my gaming days (baseball, football, hockey) I would often accidentally take steroids.

- That they re-signed future hall-of-famer, Lamar Odom, guarantees that the Los Angeles Lakers will win four more world championships in a row.

- NFL training camps are open and it looks like it's going to be a dynamic, hard fought upcoming season. Sports Seriously sees the Cincinnati Bengals coming out of the AFC and defeating the NFC's Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl with Quarterback Jamarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders as the league's MVP. Stay tuned, Sports Seriously will be providing expert coverage on the league from top to bottom throughout the entire season.


  1. Looks like the Reds took your challenge last night, Seriously, and uncorked all their West Coast road trip runs in one game. Probably a tribute to Hal McCoy, who's retiring after this season. 37 years as a Reds reporter. Reminds me of Jim McKay--thrill of victory, etc. From deep in the Jungle, tb

  2. Don't abandon ship, Tony. They've gone through a horrible stretch and they're still 5 1/2 games ahead. Manny was 3 for 4 yesterday so you never know. Dodger fortunes have coincided with his slump. You need for Billingsley to not be injured.

  3. Bills is injured. All of it is a moot point however as NO ONE will threaten the Yankees this year, even with the White Sox getting Rios.