Friday, July 31, 2009

Seriously Chapter 35: Another Baseball Ball Burner

Sorry, we had to recover from Tom Watson

With the trading deadline past, my guy at the L.A. Times is trying to say to me just now, "Ooh, the Dodgers roll the dice!" But I'm telling him that with the best record in baseball, they are the most likely candidate to stay most put. It's not a disaster that they didn't get Halladay, that would be akin to reacting too hard to their recent stumbles. Anybody checked out Manny Ramirez's stats recently? Sherrill is a great pick up for them. We hate saying that here given the fact we don't fly the Dodger brand at Sports Seriously. But at the same time, we do report the news. Fans saying a David Weathers-type would be good for the Dodgers actually got someone even better than my beloved old work horse. I'm not trying to talk Dodger Tony off a ledge, I'm just reporting the story the way I see it. We look forward to your thoughts.

I apologize to those of you who have e-mailed and even faxed (who the heck faxes anymore?) There will be lots of Clipper stuff coming up. Stay tuned.


  1. Wish teams could make July trades of their head coaches. I really believe they can make a difference in MLB (maybe not in basketball) and some aren't keeping their teams' heads in the game. Some years you can't trade enough players to make up for a bad head coach. tb

  2. The sight of Dusty Baker in the dugout with that mother f-ing toothpick in his mouth is vomit inducing. The third base coach, Mark Berry, should be impaled as well. They're the worst, most asinine, bumbling, no-fundamentals-having team in baseball. And, oh yeah, Volquez is probably gone for at least a year. Let me get them damn season tickets, man!