Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seriously Chapter 29: What More Can Juan Do?

The appalling Dodgers roll out Manny Ramirez tomorrow, further desecrating the game of baseball and sending their finest and most deserving player to the bench.

Yes, the above headline and attending animosity stems from Sports Seriously's fundamental dislike of the Dodger brand, that goes without saying. That the Dodgers are the best team in baseball and yet worthy of scorn, of course! But I'm mainly speaking here today from the perspective of - What is professional? How, as a news agency owner, can I behave at all times as a professional? And beyond that, is it fair to expect the same from other organizations that I choose to do business with?

From The Dodgers - See Ya!!

Seriously just had a very difficult conversation with an old friend having just gotten off the phone with Dodger's Vice-President, Kim Ng, whom I've known since she was 22 years-old handling out hot towels at Benihana's on La Cienega. Kim informed me with a straight face and no apology that Seriously, the Sports Seriously staff and all of our correspondents have been banned from Dodger Stadium and the premises. Not because of anything we've done but because of what we said or should I say, asked. Our people have spent the last 49 days crawling all over the organization, asking every Dodger official from Frank McCourt to Nancy B. Heffley, a question which we simply can't get an answer for - What is this organization's message to kids/people regarding those who cheat the game?

While I do use the Clippers as my gold standard, I have always held the Dodgers and their staff in extremely high regard. This agency will continue, as always, to get the story/stories out, EVEN THE DODGER STORY, but pardon us if we admit to a sad moment.

Opinions welcome. Without you, we're nothing.


  1. Seriously, what's to become of horse racing as a sport? Churchill Downs experimented with night racing the past few weeks, hoping to draw bigger crowds (while alienating the neighbors with the lights--a la Wrigleyville), but conventional wisdom says that racing won't survive in Kentucky without slots at the tracks (which our Baptist based state legislature won't approve). I don't know your thoughts on purity of sports, but shouldn't races happen in the daylight hours and shouldn't slot machines stay in casinos (or possibly airports)? Yours sincerely, Not a Holy Roller in Louisville

  2. I have never seen a visiting crowd completely take over a ballpark. Tonight, the fans of LA, having come down to see Manny, overwhelmed the San Diego fans and their bees with chants of "We Love You Manny" and "Let's Go Dodgers" that would have made a Nuremberg rally blush. The punky losers from San Diego simply couldn't hold a candle to the intimidating Vato Locos from the East Side of "EL LAY". Surprisingly, LAPD Police chief Bernard Parks, pronounced William Bratton, missed a golden opportunity to eliminate gang activity by coordinating with the mayor of San Diego to drop a small 20 killoton nuclear device on Petco park, eliminating the gang problem from the city of Los Ang-gulus.

    More importantly, the Dodgers have sent Juan Pierre a stern message that crime pays. I wholeheartedly agree. Juan, meet the pine my friend. You are back where you deserve to be....NOT.

    In any event, Manny is back, the Dodgers are on their way to the fall classic, where the chowderheads of Boston will be waiting with their J.D. Drew dolls, and the Dodgers will lose a horrifyig 7th game on a walk off by Homer Bush.

    Go Blue. Duster Baker Rules. Die Cubs Die.

    Mike Scoscia's ASSSSSSS.

  3. Oh, and my blog is back in business.


  4. I hope the losing spell the Dodgers had the last couple of weeks are over with. They are still the only team in the majors this year that hasn’t lost three in a row. My nephew pointed out to me that in the past couple of decades, teams in the National League do not hold leads going into September. Teams that lead going into the All-Star break are not the teams that end up in the playoffs.

    I’ve not seen a team this on fire since the Cincinnati Reds when they went wire to wire. Let’s hope the Dodgers can keep it up.

  5. The Dodgers are obviously a jugger not-for-naught. Dodger Tony is running out of things to whine about. He's reduced to "we'll fold in the playoffs." It's worthy to note, however, that the Giants have been nearly unbeatable since they installed Juan Uribe (he of the 2005 White Sox) at second base and Aaron Rowand into the leadoff spot. And that one-two punch of Lincecum and Cain? A scary proposition in a short series for any team. Beware the hated ones.

  6. What’s so frustrating for the Giant fans is that while the Dodgers where playing bad, the Giants where playing well. But, they only gained… what… I think one game on the hated team from La La Land. I could be mistaken because I was a little out of since the King of Pop passed away.

    We’ll see. Everyone reminds us that it is a long season. This does seem like we could have a repeat of 88 were both the Dodgers and the Lakers won in the same year.