Friday, July 17, 2009

Seriously Chapter 34: Pray For Tommy Watson

Seriously attends most major golf tournaments in person, while in addition, Sports Seriously dispatch correspondents. Sadly, Quake Town scheduling commitments have prevented him from attending this year's British Open at beautiful but nasty Turnberry, Ayrshire, a course that has swallowed this here golfer whole on more than one occasion. The last time I played there, in 2007, by the time I finished I was hitting four irons off the tee, my feet were soaked and I wondered why the hell I hadn't brought my roller bag? It warms the cuckolds of this old duffer's heart that one of the great gentleman of golf, Tom Watson, is leading this year's tournament going into tomorrow's third round and everyone here at the Franchise is all a-titter. Tom Watson winning the British Open would turn this country upside down and alter the way we live as Americans. I'm not saying that just because I know Tom, I'm saying it because it's true. Cross your fingers and let's make some history this weekend.


  1. Oh, he came oh so close. He was one putt away from winning and missed it. He also had a similar moment where he boggied on a puty that was close.

    Maybe he can do this again and continue to compete. It would be nice to have Watson back. It will be like Jack and Tom all over again, (except it would be Tiger and Tom).