Friday, July 10, 2009

Seriously Chapter 32: Dante Stallworth Has a Case

Cleveland Browns receiver Dante Stallworth was just released from Ohio's Gilbert Knight Corrections Facility after serving a medieval-level sentence of 24 days for being drunk and high, running over a woman in his Bentley and killing her. At the trial, Dante made it clear on the witness stand that "she just ran out into the street." Dante Stallworth happens to be a professional athlete. The stress from having to perform at such a high professional level will have a brother needing to down a few cocktails and blow a little weed, if only to let off steam and keep his sanity. Things happen. He did not mean to kill her. That's why call them accidents. 24 days in jail simply outrageous and yet another example of a judicial system trying to make an example out of a public figure. If you or I were to get drunk and kill somebody with our car, I doubt we'd spend more than a week in jail. I believe the judge was jealous of Dante with a twinge of "let me show darkie." I pray for Dante and hope that as soon as he gets his feet back on the ground, he'll consider filing a civil rights lawsuit because that's not justice. How can he ever get that 24-day chunk of his life back?


  1. Maybe he and Mike Vick can get together and start a support group or something. tb

  2. It's Time for Dodger Baseball Meetup Group: