Monday, July 13, 2009

Seriously Chapter 33: The Dodgers' Path to the Brass Ring

That subject along with trades, deadlines and Manny are to be discussed at

The Dodger Baseball Meet Up Group, a must event for any Dodger fan living in Southern California. The group meets Saturday, August 8th, 1:00pm at Griffith Parks's Trails Cafe, 2333 Fern Dale Drive, LA, CA 90068. Parking is plentiful but reservations are suggested as the room only seats 45. Please confirm with Adele at 323.496.4494. Going on it's 12th year and hosted once again by Dodger Tony, this is a great chance to sit with a committed group of serious Dodger people in a highly organized yet funny, free-wheeling forum. Great food, great conversation and you never know who will pop in from the front office or the field. They've had everyone from Tommy Lasorda to Tommy Hawkins to Tommy John. So go on out, have a great time AND get your two cents in. These Dodgers look like they're going all the way!


  1. Sounds like an LA Weekly Pick of the Week blurb.

    Who the hell is Adele? What is that phone number?

    Check my blog for post All Star rant wrap up.

    Thanks my brother!

  2. I just got off the phone with Adele @ Trails Cafe. They're already up to 27 people for Dodger Meetup, August 8th @ 1:00pm. (Oh, the eggs benedict.) Especially those with parties of more than 2, please call Adele at the restaurant @ 323.496.4494.

  3. I just got off the phone with Dodger Tony after telling him that Quake Town scheduling conflicts will not allow me to introduce him to the crowd at his Dodger Meetup on the August 8th @ 1:00pm. I still implore all self-respecting Dodger fans to attend. I have received e-mails from locals who say they were attending out of the prospect I was going be there. Let's be clear. I usually do attend out of respect for Dodger Tony and the unbelievable job he does in anchoring these events, but Seriously is not a Dodger person. I am instead a fan of Dodger Tony's. I won't be there but the event is guaranteed to thrill so don't let a scheduling conflict of mine deprive to of a fantastic afternoon of great food and sparkling baseball conversation.