Monday, June 29, 2009

Seriously Chapter 28: He's Back!

That's what the Sports Seriously staff said this morning as Seriously strolled into the Franchise's sparkling new Los Angeles headquarters. This was not a Gordon Gekko/Alec Baldwin moment, I made a Christmas morning fool of myself as I took a quick tour around. Though Seriously was involved in every decision from concept through actualization, the goal coming into the facility today was - "Hey, this is new and exciting for me, too." The smiles were undeniable and everyone seems happy with their highly-wired, brand-spanking-new work spaces. To our credit, beyond the initial - Can you believe this's? - it was business as usual. We're better, stronger and fully geared up to for what's ahead in sports even as we all struggle to recover from the devastating loss of Michael Jackson on Thursday.

Many Thanks to Dodger Tony

Dodger Tony came in and knocked it out of the park in my absence with his post of last week. I'm ever grateful.

I'm Sure Tony is At Home, White-Knuckling

Clutching his hoo-hoo pillow, what with the white-hot Rockies surging to 7 games behind in the West going into tonight's RIDICULOUSLY INTERESTING series at the Ravine. While the Dodgers have lost 4 of 5 (looking mortal for the moment) they're still a home juggernaut. If the Rockies can somehow do the impossible and take the series then the division race starts anew and we keep Tony away from power tools.

My Soccer Guy is Crying

Sports Seriously Soccer correspondent, Demitri Mantalos, knew that USA couldn't beat Brazil in the Finals of the Confederations Cup, even after they had defeated Spain in the semi's, but was willing to pray for the impossible due to his enduring hope for futbol in this country. Alas, after they bolted to a shocking 2-0 lead, the U.S. went into their prevent defense which, as they say, prevented them from winning. Demetri said, "Eh, we'll get `em next century."

Don't Leave
There will be an exciting announcement regarding a certain well-known correspondent in an upcoming post so stay tuned.

We're back, damnit. We're back.


  1. Welcome back Sports Seriously. Glad to have ya online again.

    Marathon win for the Dodgers at the ravine tonight. Ethier clutch yet again. However, all of this pales in comparison to the loss of the king. I have been crying for days.

    Star of London has the autopsy results, if anyone is so inclined.

  2. Now we lost Fred Travalena. What's happening?

  3. Wow, the Dodgers are the only team this year that hasn’t lost three games in a row. Last night they were about to lose three in a row, five in the past six. Then Ethier hit that timely homerun in the 13th. But, they need to get out of this slump. I thought they were going to handle the Mariners, but boy was I was wrong. I hate interleague play.

  4. I don't like futbol, but I have to say, the US did a great job against Brasil. I bet those boys from Rio were sweating in their boots when we went up by two goals. I bet they thought the US had Pele.

    But, then reality sunk in. Good game though. Let's hope this is some sort of sign going into the World Cup.

  5. Seriously only has "History" which provides minimal representation of The King and his music. All the other MJ I have is on vinyl, sorry to say. Similarities to Elvis abounding i.e. Elvis after the `68 Comeback special was in many ways forgettable. All the kitschy Elvis fans can blow my rod-a-roo. You know nothing of Elvis if you admire or, god-forbid, prefer the post-comeback Elvis. Yes, even Seriously digresses. Rest in peace, the great King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

  6. "My Way" if I'm not mistaken, was on Elvis' post comeback. If I'm wrong, I'll stand corrected. But, I am not wrong in saying it was the best version of this song, (sorry Frank).

    The line, "And now the end is near..." was so apropo to the fact that this was the King's final curtain. He really did do it his way.

  7. Boy, what a horrible week. Now Karl Malden died. Whose next? Don't ask.

  8. Now Alexis Arguello. What's going on here?