Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seriously Chapter 25: The Ruinous Kobe Bryant

***Kobe's Cryin'***

Seriously just got off the phone with one of Kobe's people. We can usually get Kobe himself, even after a big loss, but apparently last night's loss is not landing well. Kobe is extremely anal when it comes to hitting his free throws which means his wife will be paying the price for last night's game.

***Yikes on Baseball***

Seriously was part of a conference call earlier today with the agent for MLB top pick, Stephen Strasburg, that being the notorious Scott Boras (who loves it when I call him "notorious.") Scott is a prick of the first order and was in un-rare form, firing on all cylinders, hyping the San Diego State flame thrower as "a different kind of cat," aka - Boras will be looking several times north of the 10 million he got for (cough) Mark Prior back in 2001. Rumor has him presenting a 50 million dollar package to the last-place Nationals as soon as next week. Re: his mega-package, he said, "If that does not happen you would look to all the available resources and then one would have to evaluate what the next step is. For Strasburg, that could mean playing independent ball or going to Japan while he waits for his name to re-enter the pool for next year's draft." God help us all.

***Tiger, Tiger***

Eldrick all low key and getting zero pub in winning Sunday's Memorial. This after looking like he wouldn't make the cut going into the second round and then coming back from four strokes down to win it at the end. Holy schmoly.

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  1. What a come from behind victory for Mr. Eldrick Woods. I hope that some day before he retires he gets a natural Grand Slam. Bobby did it at the end of his short career. Let's hope it won't take Tiger that long to get his.