Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jamie's Gone Fishin, or something like that.

Hello Sports Seriously fans. Dodger Tony here filling in for the nascent Jamie Bozian, who is on assignment this week. He should be back quite soon though, as soon as he gets his act together in his swell new pad replete with cat slides and weird stuff like that.

In any event, after the horrifying Dodger loss to the Angels last night in Anaheim, I disgustedly posted this rant on, much to the chagrin of other commenters (please don't squeeze the chagrin).

Somehow, someway, the Angels have the Dodger's number. Scoscia has Torre's number. The two organizations, while moving closer and closer to parity, are still imbalanced as far as mano a mano is concerned.

I do believe the Angels are a more professional organization with a more professional approach to the game. The Dodgers are showing marked improvement in this, I think we can safely call it, rivalry. But is it really a rivalry. The numbers indicate not at all. A rivalry consists of competitive balance, which does not exist between the two LA's. The Dodgers have had recent success against the Angels, but watching them, one still gets the feeling that, all things being equal, this should continue for a sometime to come, even with Ramirez.

The basic difference, as I see it, is the consistent effort of Scoscia managed teams to play fundamental baseball. There is a level of discipline that is remarkable to watch. Yet, the Angels have shown a lack of consistency in their efforts all year long thus far. I suspect that is about to change completely.

This weekend has the makings of a sweep on paper. This was the game to win, with Bills on the mound. I don't remember a game so polarized between inhuman defense and wretched offense on the part of the Dodgers. 0 for 9 with RISP. Dodger choke or Angel nad on the mound?

This "Freeway series" is becoming an embarassment and deeply unpleasant to watch game permutations always end up in Halo dominance.

All of this may be quite moot if the Angels can't put a solid second half together. I do not see the Dodgers missing out on the NL West title, and the Angels will always have Boston in their head as they are in the Dodgers.

A very bitter loss. Not looking forward to Sat and Sun.

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  1. I hate inter league play. This is not Chicago. LA likes both of their teams. The Dodgers and the Angels needed these games. The timing sucks! And to make matters worse, both Texas and San Francisco played each other. I think Bud Selig should have red ants crawl over his body bite his scrotum.