Friday, June 5, 2009

Seriously Chapter 23: Get Plaxico Onto The Field

Just because Plaxico Burress was in a New York night club last year with a gun, got in a fight and shot himself in the leg does not disqualify him as a "character guy." If you know Plax like I do, you know this to be true. I'm getting e-bombed by the hordes of you re: Plaxico shouldn't be back in the NFL. Rarely do I pop rank on the great people who follow this site (I know you take your sports seriously, so do I, and I literally kiss the ground and my own chest area for the support you give) but let me set the ship straight. Plaxico happens to be a professional athlete. That's the most important thing, first and foremost. Secondly, the incident in the night club only happened as a result of Plaxico's reaction to the established fact that one of his friends got totally disrespected by another man at the night club and you simply don't do that, especially to a professional athlete. And to top it all off, I've come to find out it was extremely late and everyone was really, really tired, especially Plax' himself who reported to me personally that, at the time of the incident, he was feeling "buggy." I just got off the phone with Burress' Attorney, Benjamin Brafman and he is working feverishly to negotiate a deal to allow Burress to play football in 2009 - either by reaching a plea deal with minimal jail time or by postponing a possible trial until AFTER the 2009 NFL season. I told Ben that his client risks suspension under the league's Personal Conduct Policy if there's any jail time of any kind. Ben is quite aware of how cruelly and arbitrarily the Conduct Policy is administered by Chairman Roger Goodell which leaves getting the trial delayed as his most preferred option. Seriously feels that Plaxico should have chucked his current strategy and taken the case to trial. We received inside information months ago that there are at least two witnesses prepared to testify that Plax' had informed almost everyone around him, including strangers, that he was feeling buggy and shouldn't be messed with, much less have one of his close friends disrespected in the manner he was. At minimum, Plax' deserves to get his trial delayed for almost a year. He's a professional athlete. And besides, I know if I discharged a weapon in a crowded night club, I'd be able to decide when my trial was going to be. Give me a break. And Roger Goodell - butt out.

***Finals Go Poof***

Reality came raining down on the Orlando Magic as the Lamar Odom-led, Los Angeles Lakers took a commanding one game lead in the 2009 NBA Finals with a 100-75 evisceration. Superman Dwight Howard was a mighty 1 for 6 shooting, further cementing his legacy, and he has guaranteed me personally that in Game 2's drubbing he will score at least 4 points. This series is well on it's way to becoming about as exciting as watching me pick my toes at night before I go to bed.

***Pittsburgh Up and Walking***

The NHL Finals are tied 2-2 in games after Pittsburgh's 2nd consecutive 4-2 win over the Red Wings and Sydney scored a goal!

***French Open Finals Set***

Federer vs. Soderling on Sunday for the Men's

Safina vs. Kuznetsova on Saturday for the Women's

Not to objectify women in the least but Kuznetsova almost borders on good looking but not really and neither gal is easy on the eyes much. Seriously almost never issues a skip order on a sporting event (a total of three in 30 years) but this is close.

Stay tuned.


  1. The Dodgers just completed one of the most extraordinary comebacks in recent memory by beating the D'Backs 6-5 at the Ravine.

    Wait a cotton pickin minute! That was Tuesday night.

    In what might be there most improbable comeback of the year, the Dodgers just scored two runs with two out against Brad Lidge (yes, THAT Brad Lidge) on an Andre Ethier double to right field beating the Phillies 4-3 to even their four game series at one game apiece.

    After Rafael Furcal struck out and Orlando Hudson grounded into the 1-3 for two down, Casey Blake (yes, THAT Casey Blake) singled into left field. James "ice water in my veins" Loney then somehow, someway drew a walk bringing up Russell Martin who grounded into what surely should have been the ballgame. But normally steady handed Pedro Feliz booted the ball, everybody was safe and Ethier came up with the bases jacked forcing Lidge to bring the heat right down main street. Randy Newman should start getting a demanding royalties for how many times they have played "I Love LA" this year after a Dodger win.

    Believe it or not, I had completely counted them out, EVEN AFTER being at the game Tuesday night where they scored 5 in the bottom of the 8th to comeback on the D'Backs in an empty Dodger stadium. Everybody stayed for this one. I was so distraught about tonight's game, after Cole Hamels domination last night, that I hung out on Facebook with the game of Gameday. I watched the entire virtual ninth inning and when the DOUBLE graphic came up, I nearly plotzed.

    Kuroda tomorrow and then Wolf. I like at least a split if not two of three at this point. What a topsy turvy mind I have.

  2. Here is my DodgerThoughts post from Tuesday night:

    Just returned from the Top Deck after what can only be described as a magical mystery tour. It all began on this magical site as DodgerThoughts blogger jj24 did his very best Willy Wonka, offering two tickets for the price of none. I just happened to be online at the time and I found a golden ticket.

    Phase Two: I then procured a mate and we thus rambled on towards Elysian Heights, which should aptly be retitled Elysian Fields after tonight's mystical offerings. As we approached Alvarado, Justin Upton decimated our hopes by crushing the salami. We gave up on the game with our sad tails between our legs and headed for Acapulco, the restaurant that is.

    Upon our approach to the triangular intersection of Fletcher/Glendale blvd/ and the Astro Coffee shop, Ethier hit his solo shot reviving hopes for a potentially competitive affair. As we were about to overshoot Riverside, I was seized by a transport of irrational optmism (with thanks to Nancy Bea on her and Bill's 52 anniversary-those cockeyed optomists). I demanded my charge turn right up Riverside to Stadium Way full throttle. We arrived to a grim affair made more somber by the inning. Jeff Weaver's appearance all but signaled doom. Yet strange wonders never cease. He did not allow another run. Although he did give up one of the hardest line drive outs to Upton I have ever seen. Casey Blake must need a hand transplant after that one. the bottom of the 7th inning, one of the most wondrous events occurred. A woman sang one of the most extraordinary versions of God Bless America yet heard. Her first name was Tressa, or Teressa (forgive me). With Frank McCourt sitting now alone in his vestibule, the entire atmosphere subtly changed in the stadium, even as the team continued to spin its wheels. It was this rabble rousing rendition of hers that I believe was the catalyst for one of the special gifts of my Dodger life....that and the two walk in the eighth.

    It was indeed a Galaxy Quest. One that I shall neer forget anytime soon.

  3. Less than 24 hours after I posted the above, the Dodgers have captured lightning for the third time this week. Andre Ethier, the hitting hero of last night's game, came up to the plate with one out in the bottom of the 12th inning and hit a solo homer to center field as the Dodgers defeated the Phillies 3-2 after coming back on Rafael Furcal's homer off struggling Brad Lidge in the bottom of the 9th, his first pinch hit homerun ever.

    The magic continues.

  4. So it appears that the Phils and Dodgers pushed. I think it is safe to say that this is most likely a preview of the post-season. Both of these teams are clearly the cream of the crop of the NL. Both teams are at the top of the league in offense and defense, however the Dodger pitching staff is statistically much better. The Phils have legitimate power which can turn a game around in one second, but the Dodgers can manufacture runs quicker, however Joe Torre rarely puts plays on so that could be a problem in a big game situation if he plays too conservatively.

    I do have concerns about Randy Wolf and his inability to win (or lose for that matter) games. He consistently goes into the 7th inning more than any other Dodger starter, and his ERA is extremely respectable. But he doesn't win games. There is something to be said for the ability of a pitcher to win games (Broxton is 6 and 0 as a reliever...not 6 saves, 6 WINS). I think it is a concern.

    The 300 pound elephant in the room right now, however, is what happens to Juan Pierre when Manny Ramirez returns. I do not think it is in the best interests of the team to have him sitting on the bench. The question becomes, will the change from Pierre to Manny affect chemistry in an adverse way. My suspicion is no, but its hard to say. Is this the time to trade Pierre for a solid front line starter? While the Dodgers have the finest pitching staff in the league, without a true ace (I should say a BIG GAME ace) there are questions as to how far the team may go in the playoffs.

    But this is still far far away. Weirder things have happened throughout history. I think it would be safe to say, however, that if the Dodgers fail to win the west, it will be one of the greatest collapses in the history of the game.

  5. I was watching that game at work and it looked pretty safe for the Phils. It was on my lunch hour and I had to go back to work. I was surprise to find out the next day that Dodgers had caught up. I found out actually when they did it again in Saturday’s game. What a victory.

    The game on Tuesday I kind of had a feeling they were going to come back. When inning after inning went by and they didn’t score, I just knew they were going to win somehow. But the game on Friday took me by surprise. It just didn’t seem like the Philly pitchers were going to give anything up.

  6. HOLD THAT TIGER!!! What a rally for Eldrick! The legend continues. Even if you don't watch golf, watch when Tiger plays because you will be watching the next legend right there with Jack and Bobby.