Friday, June 12, 2009

Seriously Chapter 26: Free Throws Aren't Free

I feel for Dwight Howard. While he's a heckuva rebounder and defender, he knows more than anybody out there that he's no Superman. Hell, he's got no offensive game with his back to the basket and he's considered the best center in basketball? By the way, Seriously is not saying anything to you that I haven't said to Dwight in person already. I look forward to getting him on the phone to talk about those 8 missed free throws and the Magic's 19 turnovers as a team.

***Yes, Derek, We Know***

Derek Fisher elevates himself further into the pantheon with two nasty, filthy, digger-in-the-chest 3 point bombs after heaving bricks the entire game.

***Van Gundy - You Idiot***

Make sure you keep on keeping your second best scorer, Rafer Alston, on the bench so Jameer Nelson can keep pouring in the 3 points a game he's averaging.

Van Gundy is an idiot.

Yes, the Magic will win game 5 and then get blown out in L.A.


  1. Van Gundy was out coached. Phil was brilliant. I'm sure every Laker fan thought he was nuts to take the ball out from full court. But, the Zen Master knew what he was doing.

  2. Seriously concurs with the out-coached comment, particularly at the end of regulation with the Derek Fisher situation. Fouling is called for to not let a three point shot even be gotten off. Goofball Van Gundy should have drilled that in the huddle before the play but he obviously didn't. Van Gundy is either a total moron or Seriously being Los Angeles based has simply made him used to Phil.

  3. Dodgers take the series from Rangers to solidify best in west status in the game of baseball. Insane Giants (16-5 in their last 21 games) and utterly psychotic Rockies (11 straight!) only able to shave 2 pitiful games off Dodgers lead in the division. Dodgers still lead west by 7 games with Manny 2 weeks away. Bills on his way to Cy Young.