Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seriously Chapter 39: Cry No Tears For the Sox

The first and prime commitment Sports Seriously has is to give you the news as it is, straight and without slant or bias. That being said, we don't fly the Red Sox colors or support the Red Sox brand here at the Sports Seriously franchise. (Truth be told, you can't even work at this agency unless you're a verified National League person.) The complete unraveling of the Red Sox comes without sympathy of any kind, not even from my Beantown correspondent, Cliff Livingston. (He wonders if he even likes Youkilis anymore.) "Arrogant Boston Red Sox fans have two championship trophies they can sit around and polish," Clifford said to me. And I said, "that's well put, especially coming from you." Rest in peace, and yet at the same time sayonara, Boston Red Sox of 2009.


  1. Mr. Seriously, I would like to reprint my poem I wrote about baseball. I sent a copy to Vin Scully, but I heard nothing. Let me know what you think.

    Baseball Is For All Season
    by Michael Pascoe

    Spring is when baseball season starts.
    The long fight is not brief.
    Many a fan will have their hearts
    Broken in two from grief.

    Baseball’s lengthy season begins
    With a chill in the air.
    And it ends with the Sox and Twins
    Wearing their winter gear.

    Between then there’s plenty of heat.
    The pitcher thinks he good
    And the batter thinks he’s Zack Wheat
    As his Louisville Slugger meets wood .

    Teams battling it out for first,
    Not knowing if they’ll win.
    Some spring to the top with a burst,
    Others fall on their chin.

    Teams go wire to wire, then win it all
    And experience true bliss.
    Others begin at the abyss.
    Then stay there, amid the mire. That’s baseball.

    The glamour of winning is fine,
    But immortality is best.
    When they put you into the shrine.
    Only if you are blessed.

    But, the cellar is a cold place,
    In Mudville there’s no cheer
    For those that lose the pennant race
    It’s, “Wait until next year.”

    As the off-season departs
    We did not win the ring.
    Have faith when baseball season starts
    Over again in spring.

  2. You have a lovely spirit. Seriously will be jealous if Vin answers you and I hope he does.

  3. Me too. I just have a feeling that who ever handles the mail for the Dodgers, did not give it to him. Vin loves poetry.

  4. Why is it that baseball inspires poetry more than other sports? I appreciate your poem very much and it reminds me that others have written lyrically about baseball but not so much football or basketball. I share those same feelings. Just think it's interesting that even things like figure skating, which is set to music, don't inspire poetry. TB

  5. My favorite sport is basketball, but I don't see me writing a poem to it. There just seems to something about baseball that lends itself to poetry.

  6. Boy the Reds are on a role. Let's see if they will keep that 3-0 lead over the Dodgers. (And I thought this weekend was going to be a cakewalk).

  7. Everyone worth their salt knows that poetry lends itself to baseball more than any other sport. Stay with your instincts.