Monday, October 12, 2009

Seriously Chapter 49: We're All Set and Carson's Calmer

Playoff baseball gives me a beautiful jolt every year because I always forget that there will be non-stop amazing moments in every game and impossible will simply be the norm. A set of routine miracles have allowed the Phillies to rightfully advance past the Rockies and on to play the Dodgers. Though the Dodgers look completely unbeatable right now, Seriously still holds that murderous Philadelphia will advance to the World Series. Those bastard Dodgers will win games, however, and if Philadelphia's left handed hitters can't solve that one-two, L.A. Southpaw El Kabong? We don't even want to think about that. And another thing. The Dodgers need to please stay out of Philadelphia's bullpen until the back end, if you don't mind. These two things are very important. While Seriously is never wrong about these predictions, he simply gets crazy when he's even minutely close to eating his words.

The Red Sox are vile and God has worked in a wonderful way in making sure they were eviscerated by those California Angels who move on and bring their own special brand of National League-style baseball to the finals of the junior circuit. So what if you never use the word "finals" when speaking of baseball?
Less vile but still odious and bloated are New York's Yankees who very much deserve to be defeated by Arte's Angels. How can you not root for a team lead by a guy named Erick Aybar? Who the hell is that guy? Yeah, exactly my point.
I don't even know what point I'm making specifically

So we're all set. Dodgers vs Phillies and Yankees vs Angels. It's going to be wonderful.

Thank you for the outpouring

Seriously's probably gotten over 300 hundred e-mails and faxes (who the hell faxes anymore?) congratulating me on the performance of the Cincinnati Bengals. All I can say is, Marvin and the guys deserve all the credit. All I said was that they were going to be hoisting the Lombardi trophy in early 2010. Yes it was a bold and audacious call but I'm not drawing up the X's and O's, picking up the blitzes and completing the impossible passes. Seriously's well aware that it's unfolding exactly as Seriously predicted but let's give credit where credit is do. It's those Cardiac Cats. They're the ones who are out there making NFL history.

There will be a full NFL round up and a Blake Griffin/Clippers Run For the Ring NBA Update tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I wish post season baseball didn't involve snow shovels, though. Why can't they complete the season before the leaves fall, Seriously? Oh, and, of course, who dey.