Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seriously Chapter 42: Shawn Merriman is a Man of Faith

Seriously just got off the phone with San Diego Chargers lineman, Shawn Merriman, and he's informed me that he did not choke bi-sexual reality t.v. host, Tila Tequila, "in any way" when she was trying to leave his Poway home early Sunday morning (though he did assure me she was "popping some major shit.") He denied the charges with a vehemence that left him in tears. Believe me, I've heard Shawn cry before but never like that. The Sports Seriously franchise has had a relationship with Shawn Merriman since his rookie year in 2005 and I've personally spent time with him all three years he's been in Honolulu for the Pro Bowl. I remember being one of the first members of the media to tell him to get a mohawk, Shawn was so shy back then. We knew he was a big hitter on the field, he just needed a little psychological something to put his game over the top. Know this about Shawn - he's not only a friendly man but he's a godly man. And he reiterated to me MORE THAN ONCE that he has absolutely nothing against little Vietnamese people. This latest off-field saga has turned his life upside down much, much much more than any of his other off-field sagas, and he'd love to "roll public wit it" but his lawyers have dropped a major info clamp on everything and everybody. While I won't sit here and revisit the countless examples of the grotesque media/judicial bias visited on professional athletes on a yearly basis (a crucified Michael Vick who's just trying to make a living "fo his kiz" as he's told me over and over, the beheading of Dante Stallworth who ran someone over with his car in a TOTAL ACCIDENT) let's just say that this is a classic case of a hysterical female and a messed up judicial system that always seems determined to want to throw in a twinge of "let's get darkie." Wait until this farce comes to trial, you'll see what I'm saying. Bias against professional athletes who just want to let off a little steam after leaving their heart, blood and soul on the field isn't just wrong, it's un-American.

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