Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seriously Chapter 43: Dodgers, Seahawks and Bengals T.C.O.B.

From the Diamond

The Dodgers have re-discovered their April to July mo-jo even though they're still falling apart and players are having lousy years. That quality can be hard to beat if it continues into the post season. The Dodgers defy reality, it seems. Seriously and the entire staff keep waiting for the Dodgers to take a total dump but it hasn't happened.

From the Gridiron

NFL Week 1 proceeded exactly as Seriously and Staff had forecast with both Super Bowl 2010-predicted teams, Seattle and Cincinnati, pulling off impressive victories. Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck looked fantastic in his return, going 25 of 36 for 279 yds. and 3 touchdowns in a 28 to 0 victory against a gritty, spunky, nasty-hitting, never-say-die team called the St. Louis Rams. You know, sometimes when you're picking teams and people are waiting to hear what you have to say (with people's jobs literally being on the line) you don't get to vet all your choices, even in your own brain. I know that's deep but I know you know what I'm talking about. What Seriously is trying to say is that St. Louis Rams are the Super Bowl team that he wishes he could have chosen. They are a fantastic squad of football players. As are the Cincinnati Bengals, who ultimately disappointed no one in their 7 to 6 slugfest victory over the powerful Denver Broncos led by future Hall of Famer, Kyle Orton. This game was highlighted by Carson Palmer's 76-yard, game ending drive/masterpiece, culminating with a dramatic 1 yd Cedric Bensen bull rush into the end zone as time ran out. Week 1 of the NFL. What a week it was.


  1. Seriously, can I come live in your parallel universe with you? Where the Bengals always win? I'm sure I'd like it there. My universe doesn't love the Bengals. I think somewhere after the Reds' winning streak ended I lost my baseball mojo. When does college basketball start? tb

  2. Seriously has no idea what you're talking about, Anonymous. They're shaking in their boots in Green Bay as we speak.