Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seriously Chapter 41: Wade Leblanc is Cy Young

In previous years, Sports Seriously correspondent, Dodger Tony, would be on a window ledge and about to jump if his Dodgers had gotten shut down like they did last night by Wade Leblanc of the Padres (he the owner of an 0-2 record and 16.30 era at Dodger Stadium.) In years gone by, Dodger Tony would have been crouched in his shower about now, knees to his chest and holding a small knife. But I was thoroughly encouraged by my conversation with him last night from the Ravine. In fact, I took his report on the game myself. (Yeah, the owner rolls up he sleeves around here. Good god, are you kidding me?) While he was on several meds, he also was surprisingly philosophical about the potential demise of his beloved, front-running Azul. We don't fly the Dodger colors at Sports Seriously, nor do we support the Dodger brand here. The Dodgers falling on their face so epically would have no more effect on this agency than would a Vermont snowflake in the winter, just to let know how bad blog writing can be. What we are not, also (huh?) we are not immune to the human sports suffering than one can endure in following the various games. In that respect we feel for Dodger Tony. He is a man kept awake by the sound of footsteps in the night.

Bengals on Track

The Cincinnati Bengals will defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl of 2010. The journey begins next Sunday against a white-hot Denver Bronco team lead by Hall of Fame lock, Kyle Orton.

One of the Greats

I just got off the phone with my old friend, Ernie Harwell, and he tells me he has inoperable bone cancer. God bless Ernie Harwell for the rest of his days and beyond. A hall-of-fame broadcaster and hall-of-fame individual. I love Ernie and his family and I'll use Ernie's kicking the bucket as training for the day when Vin Scully has to go. Bless you, Ernie, as you take your next journey.


  1. First Dodger Tony doesn't comment on his blog anymore, now John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are off the air. I hope they are on hiatus.

  2. Nice to see the Bengals living up to the Seriously preseason prognosticating. tb