Friday, May 22, 2009

Seriously Chapter 10: Blake Griffin - Welcome to Clipper Nation

"Don't be afraid to delegate," an old Jew once told me "and play to your strength."

***We Cover it All***

We at Sports Seriously are seriously committed to bringing you, in bullet form, the ever changing, constant variety of sport with correspondents covering baseball, the Dodgers, the Yankees, tennis, NHL hockey, college football, NFL football and even soccer matches from around the world. We're blessed with a great staff and a rare pipeline of information, not to mention a support group of phenominal information GIVERS aka - all of you who write in the way you do. We're at 226,000 hits since we started two weeks ago. God bless and let's get going.

***Keeping Most Things Los Angeles Clippers Related Under Wraps and Clearing the Air***

With 2009 East and Western confrence finals at hand, my solemn commitment is to the NBA and the fans, not to myself nor my other role or "gig" as a Clipper historian. I've made no comment to any outlet regarding the Clippers' getting the top pick in Blake Griffin beyond that the Los Angeles Clippers will win next year's NBA title.

- If the Dodgers ever lose a game again I'll eat my own poop.

- Tattoos are pretty foul on men and are becoming more and more obnoxiously prevalent in professional sports with lizard tails climbing higher and higher up dude's necks. Witness teammates Kenyon Martin and that appalling, human hypodermic needle, Chris "The Bird Man" Anderson of the Denver Nuggets. And now even these baseball guys, oy, I sound like an old man sitting on a rubber ring. Tattoos should be allowed only for the good men in the military who choose to have them or go ahead and let WWF guys have them (they're all animals as it is.) Tattoos are recommended and look fantastic on women, however, and who cares about the ones on old ladies, they're faded anyway.

- The Yankees must be starting to give Red Sox fans piles. I don't even know what piles are but they sound old-school and painful.

- Tomorrow they will announce the jockey for Derby winner, "Mine That Gold," a gelding who doesn't seem to mind what jockey is on his back, he just runs like hell. It's been said in some outlets that a few more lengths would have had Gold overtaking winner, "Rachel Alexandra," at the Preakness but I say ixnay. That filly had a silly kick. If you don't take the time to watch the Belmont Stakes on ABC, June 6th, marking the final, in-the-dirt showdown between Mine That Gold and my main gal, Rachel Alexandra, who is over her digestive difficulties and training full out, then you seriously belong at a Bill Pullman Film Festival and you're a creep.

Hockey, soccer soon so you'll know absolutely everything. Stay tuned.

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  1. Exceptionalamente win for the boys in blue tonight at the ravine. However, as they lost last night, open wide and begin shoveling feces NOW.