Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seriously Chapter 2: Puck U!

Dateline: Los Angeles

***Hockey Fans***

Since we at this franchise know jack about hockey except when I happen to watch a game, which is rarely, Sports Seriously is privileged to have and respectfully defers to an actual, published, real Los Angeles Kings hockey blogger, Matthew Barry. You can see Matt regularly featured at With the Western Conference Semi-Finals between the Ducks and Red Wings going to Game 7 tonight, here's

***Matthew Barry's Hockey Report***

If the Pittsburgh/Washington game was any indication...

a) the better team won/the better team will win

b) the more experienced goaltender won/the more experienced goaltender will win

If the Red Wings watched the game today, you can be damned sure they were saying "the Ducks ain't coming into OUR crib and doing THAT". There's NO WAY the Red Wings lay a Washington like egg. They're just way too talented.

The Ducks gave it a good run - they did the unthinkable - smoked the Sharks and brought the Red Wings to a game 7 - they gave the Wings everything they had, but it won't be enough.

Datsyuk and Zetterberg and Hossa and Franzen and... my LORD they're stacked - they don't let down their fans and they walk away with a victory... of course, then they have to face the rested Chicago squad... but first thing is first.

It's just a question of how much of a beating will the Ducks take...

4-1 Wings

Then I can finally get back to what makes me happy.... whining and complaining about the Kings, and if Frolov is going to be traded, and the future of Jack Johnson, and which free agents will Lombardi sign, and are the Kings going to trade their draft pick, and the rumors I've heard, and if Lecavalier will don the crown?

Plus, I really don't want to spend another grand to drive to the Pond to watch the games... sheesh, we ARE still in a recession.

Matthew Barry -


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  2. Ok... I'm new at this blog so let me try again. First let me say that Matt Barry is still one of the most informed and entertaining sports writing guys out there. I was there when he cut his teeth as "The Commish" long before the TV series in the long-forgotten "Sports Time" football league. I say this even though he won't be my friend on Facebook or even in real life for that matter.

    That aside, I'm down here in North Carolina where our little-known Hurricanes knocked the Bruins out of contention last nite.

    As I am not one of the "Caniacs" here, I don't follow them that closely, however, I do look for them to layeth the smacketh down on the Penguins in the next round.

    Look for me to start talkin' NFL...

  3. Now that the Ducks goose was cooked by the Detroit, I say go Redwings.