Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chapter 18: What Do Lebron James and Susan Boyle Have in Common?

It's over for the both of them. That's what they share and it doesn't diminish their accomplishments. Seriously is like a rock and even he shed a tear watching that beautiful, ugly-ass Susan Boyle break everybody's heart with that song. Now she's lost "Britain's Got Talent" but I'd still pay to hear her sing. I love that lady. And what can you say about `Bron `Bron after the Cavalier's loss except for "I hope you stay in Cleveland?" Seriously means that seriously. Lebron James going to the Knicks would be the phoniest move to New York since Brett Farve and the Olsen Twins. At least in Cleveland you have a team, `Bron, and it's in the finest state in the union, Ohio, which I will say to `Bron next time I talk to him. `Bron and his people are fans of Sports Seriously, us having known`Bron since he was covering up tattoos with gauze tape so he could qualify to play in high school games so Seriously will be talking to him no matter what kind of crazy things people throw up on this particular sports site. I'll be talking to `Bron and I'll be letting you know. Stay tuned.

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  1. King James' crown is now tarnished. For all of those that like to find fault with Kobe, then say how wonderful 'Bron 'Bron is, read this and you'll see that as far a a person, they seem to be stuck up athletes.


    Stern ‘to talk to LeBron’ about handshake snub
    NBA commissioner not happy that Cavalier refused to shake Magic’s hands

    updated 1 hour, 44 minutes ago

    David Stern is not pleased with LeBron James after the Cavaliers star refused to speak to the media, and did not shake his opponents' hands, after his team was eliminated from the NBA playoffs Saturday night against the Magic, the NBA commissioner acknowledged on ESPN Radio.

    Stern said he has reached out to James but is reserving judgment about the situation until he speaks with him.

    An NBA spokesman said on Monday that James would not be fined for failing to address the media after the Game 6 loss. ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd asked Stern why James has not been fined since the league has punished players in the past for violating its media guidelines.

    "I'm in the process of making a phone call or two now to talk to LeBron," Stern said, "so I don't want to speak to that at this moment."

    But when asked if he is not happy with James, Stern replied, "I think that's fair to say."