Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seriously: Chapter 1


- The Dodgers need to go away.

- A grotesque sight will be the return of Manny Ramirez.

- Sandy Koufax is turning over in his condo.

- Not that you would but you have to watch the footage of 50-1 shot, Mine That Bird, winning the Derby.

-You can't talk shit about a horse.

-That documentary, "Barbaro" on HBO is staggering and will make you cry.

- I keep waiting for the Celtics to lose.

- Is there a bigger d-bag in all of sports than Mark Cuban? Apparently he's hip and checkbook-hip to some worthy causes but I think I hate him even more than Washington Redskin's football. Way to go Nuggets for destroying his Mavericks.

-Red Sox fans were annoying as losers and are completely unbearable now that they win. And they can take their elite, institutional New England Patriots and stick them up their rears. Their teams and dreams belong in the wood chipper.

- Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the greatest scorer and arguably greatest player in NBA history is a basically anonymous consultant for the Lakers.

- Of Andrew Bynum, (whom he's working with,) Kareem said, re: The playoffs, "He's not exactly up to speed with where the team's at in terms of group consciousness." That's just cool, y'all.

Serious shock from "I Can't Believe There's Gambling at Rick's": USC gave O.J. Mayo money.

Seriously Excellent Unheralded Baseball Players:

*** Nyjer Morgan, Pittsburgh Pirates***

He out Willie McGee's Willie McGee with his skeeter swagger and high black socks. He's ninth in the league in hits batting lead-off, creates total havoc on the bases and he's got more RBI than Chipper Jones.

***The entire Blue Jays team***

How many more asses do they have to kick before they get love from ANYBODY? Cito Gaston is back and it's just like old times. They have the best record in baseball, an incredible line up and Roy Halladay is filthy.

Today's Prediction:

When Manny Ramirez comes back in July (pitiful and sorry) the Dodgers will still be in first place.


  1. Sounds cool to me. I still love the Dodgers but am a pissed off fan. Can I still submit comments?

  2. Of course! Would be seriously honored.

  3. Congratulations shit talker, on your shit talking addition to our town.

    Looking forward to some REAL shit talking when the Lakers get DEVASTATED by Houston on a buzzer beater in front of 15,000 white collar assholes at Staples and one million mexicans riot while sticking Lakers flags up their tuchus before leaving on a run for the border.

    Go Juan Pierre!!!!!

  4. Oh and let's put the Hockey talk....UP YOUR ASS!!!!!

    No...maybe some GOLF TALK!!!! Or how about BOWLING!...

    Gimme a fucking break, you no boxing talk shit talker!!!

  5. OH....and another thing (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I'm bored already)....

    Its: www.sportsseriously.blogspot.COM




    Sorry can delete this if it offends....but you gotta call me in order to learn to do it...hah hah hah......

  6. Well... I guess Tony "The Forkster" Forkush is in the house. GO ANGELS!!!

  7. Seriously knows Tony Forkush to be a deranged individual but he has absurd boxing knowledge and is in line to be exploited in the near future by this franchise. Stay tuned.

  8. Tony should show respect. If he wants people to love his Dodgers, then he should show the same consideration for my Lakers. And I seem to recall Tony praying his ass off that the Lakers would /win back in '88 on Whitsett ave.

    As a side note: I was a Dodger fan before a Laker fan, but I was just trying to make a point. Go Lakers and go Rams.