Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seriously Chapter 8: Machine Thrown For a Loop

The unbeatable Dodgers have a new problem to overcome. First Manny Ramirez and now possibly Orlando Hudson. Correspondent Dodger Tony, who has worked Chavez Ravine since it was a mound of dust with dirty little Mexican kids running around, with clubhouse access and sources up and down the organization, has returned to earth and here's his report from the ground:


And so it appears that this is going to be one of "those" years, where ill fortune may be the hand we are dealt in order to find those pearls who must "step up" when called upon to do so. So far the loss of Ramirez has been negligible. Based on his history and the way the injury appeared, one can only assume significant down time for Hudson. This continues to make things remarkably interesting for the Dodgers.

I must also assume that the organization has some sort of backup plan in place WHEN Hudson got hurt, only a matter of time I believe we all suspected. I'm not exactly sure what the backup plan is. Due to Furcal's decline, and Juan Castro essentially being his relief, I suspect Dewitt might get the call up. I haven't checked on Hu's numbers if you wanted to spell Castro as Furcal's second and move him over to second rather than limit range with Loretta. My greater fear, of course, is the Dodger medical staff and their penchant for lack of transparency regarding injuries. Let's all say a prayer tonight that this was not Hudson's last game as a Dodger. If for some reason this is season ending (not out of the realm of possibility), do we think about trying to procure the services of someone like Freddy Sanchez?

This more than sucks but absolutely to be expected.

It really does take an entire roster to win a pennant and we will most likely be seeing it all year.

- c. 2009 Dodger Tony


  1. Thanks J.
    Nice post if I do say so myself.
    p.s. My blog is closed till spring training of next year, as stated.

  2. I'm not sure what to think about Jake Peavy's deal to the White Sox. I guess the first thing would be disappointment because I really felt that the Dodgers could have used him. I never actually felt that it was a potential reality due to the fact that is was very unlikely the Padres would trade within the division, and even more unlikely that Colletti would pony up something to get him here. Secondly, I am obviously grateful he is out of the division and, even more so, out of the league. Clearly this makes the White Sox much better and will give them a very good shot at winning a winable AL Central, although I suspect the Tigers are for real this year and don't count out Grienke's bunch either.
    One wonders which direction the Dodgers will look for as far as an additional pitcher or two for the stretch run, now that it seems that barring some incomprehensible disaster, they are going to win the NL going away. I still think that Cliff Lee is probably the guy most on their radar. The incredible aspect of the Dodger's success is that they continue to roll without Manny AND Kuroda. Once they get Kuroda back, perhaps they don't need another starter. I personally think they absolutely do. They have to start thinking playoffs at this point, which I'm sure they are. Roy Oswalt is another guy I could see there being interest in. I think Lee is your frontrunner however.
    Very sad new from Arizona. Pitcher Schott Showinweiss's wife passed away suddenly at 39 years of age. Condolences to Scott and family and four children.


    Jake Peavy just exercised his no-trade clause and overturned a trade to the Chicago White Sox. The theory remains that he wants to stay both in the NL and in California, which leaves the Giants and the Dodgers as the only teams remaining that fit that bill. The Angels could still be an option, or he could remain with the Padres.

    This is a fascinating scenario. The Angels certainly have a ton of pitching and his arm would give them the top starting staff in the AL. The same could be said for the Giants, although the NL West is really starting to look like a one-horse race and this is without Ramirez or Kuroda.

    I suspect it really may come down to the Dodgers, believe it or not. It would be a trade reminiscent of the Kevin Brown trade to the Dodgers, in that there would probably have to be a trade and sign situation. In addition, he would be lustily booed off the planet earth when he returned to Petco. The Dodgers do have movable part certainly, including Juan Pierre if they so desire to pay the largest part of his salary, plus a pitcher perhaps and lower level minor leaguers. If the Dodgers got Peavy, I really do believe that all bets are off in the NL and I would have to favor them to get to the Fall Classic indeed.
    Dodger Tony

  4. Okay Forkush, confuse the fuck out of me why don't 'ya. Alright, I'll take what I said in the previous section. Peavy will be a good addition if the Dodgers can pull it off.

  5. Sports Illustrated Jon Heyman said the Cubs don't seem anxious to make a deal for Jake Peavy, and the Dodgers have the same-division hurdle [note mp: whatever that means]. The Brewers might not have the pitching (or inclination) to get it done. Towers will continue try to find a team Peavy likes while also matching the package offered by the White Sox: Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, and two minor league pitchers.