Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapter 5: Seriously Missed the Boat

I missed it, I did, and it was atrocious. It happened in my day before yesterday's Preakness blog post, the offense of not making note that the odds on favorite going into today's race was a philly, a gal by the name of Rachel Alexandra. Getting ALL wrapped up in covering the jockey and then a dame, the dame goes out wins it like the history that it is, holding off Derby-winner Mine the Bird and blowing an 85-year mother F-ing lid off the entire horse racing universe. Pity to your soul if you're not amongst the millions witnessing the Belmont Stakes coming up on June 6th which will serve as a settle-it-now, final showdown. The derby winner versus the gal with the ridiculous, killer kick down the stretch for all the marbles. The Belmont Stakes. Mark my words: Horse racing, whether you're ready for it or not, will soon be the most important thing in this country and I can guarantee it.


  1. I'm not white enough, rich enough, snobby enough, or Republican enough to watch let alone comment on big time derby horse racing.

    Look for my ass at Hollywood Park.