Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chapter 11: The Los Angeles Derek Fishers

***Hate the Team, Not the Player ***

These Lakers are easy to root against, SORRY!!! And the whole series is about as exciting as the bleedin' shoelaces involved in the Eastern Conference Finals which has played out as I warned, (ten times better than the West) ending last night on an impossible three point shot and further elevation into the pantheon by `Bron, `Bron who Seriously was mocking on this site just 2 short days ago. In fact, I heard from `Bron's people and later, `Bron himself. We at the Franchise ended up approaching the situation with great regret. And it goes to show, you can learn a lesson in life even with something you already know in that - you don't mock the great ones and you don't give the great ones fuel for their fire. Instead of being down 2 zip heading to Orlando, the series is tied and the Cavs have all the momentum. God knows what will happen in Sunday's game three. It could give even a normal man a sports coronary, it will be so comprehensively dynamic.
Meanwhile, back in the not-so-wild west, the game 2 performances of Derek Fisher (1 for 9 with an air ball at the buzzer) and Andrew Bynum (on the bench for good for mental reasons) would be enough to depress any Laker fan. But it's Lamar Odom's back that could be the real killer for them as they head into tonight's game three, tied 1-1 and teetering. The great one, Lamar Odom, is physically hindered in his ability to perform which obviously affects the team on the whole though I must warn

***All Those On This Sports Seriously Site***

E-mails are streaming in to me personally, fine, but I must warn those on the site itself - any anti-Lamar Odom comments of any kind are not permitted and will be dealt with swiftly. This also applies to anything negative related to the Los Angeles Clippers. Thank you.

***You Will Know Soccer***

Soccer report and other reports right around the corner. Stay tuned.

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  1. These playoffs our unpredictable. Cleveland should have been up 3 games, but instead are down 2-1. In fact, there was a good chance they would have been looking at getting swept if 'Bron didn't get that lucky shot off.

    What will happen after tonight's game is anyone's guess.